Plum Hair Colors for 2018

Talking about bold hair colors, we can’t forget about plum. It is an unnatural hair color that can be pulled off both by brunettes and blondes. Darker shades are great for brown-haired ladies, while blondes may rock the lightest shades of plum. It is a versatile hair color that can be paired with other tones as well. We have compiled the best variations of plum hair colors for 2018. Read forward to see them.  plum hair colorsPlum Hair Color for Brunettes

If you want to rock a bold hair color but you are not into bright shades, try this plum for brunettes. Add some plum accents to your tresses and you are done. Like any other hair color, plum also perfectly lends on curls and waves. It is not necessary to go for full head of curls. Keep your hair smooth on the top and curl only the tips by using your curling iron.Plum Hair Color for BrunettesViolet Plum Hair Color

If you don’t fear to experiment with bright and vivid tones, we recommend you trying the following look. The entire look is quite sweet and feminine. All you need to do is to mix violet and plum tones for an outstanding combination like this. It goes without saying that maintaining unnatural shades is not an easy task. You need to go for regular touchups to keep the color fresh. However, with beach waves and violet plum hair color you will get a mermaid-like look.Violet Plum Hair ColorMagenta Plum Hair Color

Here is another edgy hair color that is a blend of magenta and plum tones. Well, if you want to create a hipster like look, these shades will definitely come in handy. You can make the shade even crazier by adding a hint of neon. It is a high maintenance look that requires too much upkeep. It is not the best idea for business women or those who have a busy lifestyle.Magenta Plum Hair ColorDark Plum Hair Color

The darker shade of plum can always be sweetened by lovely accessories. If you have always dreamed of re-creating one of those Disney princesses look, here is the way to go. Give your strands a dark plum hair color and take it a notch higher with the help of a black bow. It will give you an elegant and mature look. Just try it for yourself and you will not regret.Dark Plum Hair ColorFandango Plum Hair Color

You are totally into Bohemian inspired hairstyles? Well, have a look at this amazing headdress that is achieved with a plum hair color and a simple bun hairstyle. These two patterns are put together for a true unique look. Just make sure that you are ready for a huge commitment and go ahead with the style.Fandango Plum Hair Color



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