Edgy Haircut Ideas for 2017

There are millions of ideas to do with hair to get an edgy and dramatic look. These hairstyles are mainly for style stamen but tell that all of the edgy hairstyles are pretty won’t be true. Not every crazy hair styling solution is beautiful and feminine. While changing your haircut one should surely think of the final result not to be disappointed. If you really want to change your haircut into a more attractive one then discover these edgy haircut ideas for 2017.

Two-Tone A-Line Bob Haircuttwo-tone edgy hairstyle A line bob 2017Combining two different hair colors in one hairstyle is not a news for you but having it on short A-line bob is quite surprising especially when it’s neither ombre nor highlighting. This is just light blonde short bob haircut with dark black ends. They change the entire look of the hairstyle making it flashier.

Side Shaved Long Hairstyleside shaved long hairstyle 2017One side too short and the other side too long. What we get? An eye-catching edgy hairstyle which makes us stand out from the crowd. This hairstyle increases its popularity day by day and it’s styled in various ways by the hair styling suggestions of smart hairdressers. Leaving the side shaved part in one color and dying the next half in another is one of the most popular way to liven up this hairstyle. Another one is curling or highlighting.

Mullet Hairstylemullet hairstyle for women 2017Would you like to rock the 90’s style in 2017? Make it a trend by wearing the Mullet hairstyle. It’s a layered edgy hairdo for ladies who want to have a short haircut on the top part even with short fringe and leave the rest of hair in a long straight style. The result is very impressive.

Mohawk Hairstylemohawk hairstyle 2017While men try to style their hair in various Mohawk hairdos women have already stolen the best ideas. Coloring, highlighting, making shaggy and spiky and many other ways. Using your fantasy you can create an incredible Mohawk hairstyle on your side shaved short pixie haircut.

Long Curly Mohawk Hairstylelong mohawk hairstyle for women 2017As for long hair you are welcome to get a stunning Mohawk hairstyle in a curly form. This unique hairstyle is party edgy hairstyle to rock in parties. It’s also great to have a trendy look without cutting your hair off.

Short Red Asymmetrical Bob with Highlightsasymmetrical red bob with black highlights 2017Short asymmetrical bob haircuts are among the most requested hairstyles for 2017. They are cooler in straight form but as the majority of women chooses this style you need to differ from the rest at least by your hair color. So, dye your hair in red shade and add black highlights on front layers that frame your face. In case you love having fringe add a subtle straight fringe again in red hair color.



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