Breathtaking Boxer Braids for 2017

Boxer braids are literally blowing up on Instagram. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you have missed a huge trend. It is the highest moment to have a look at these breathtaking boxer braids for 2017 and pick up something interesting for you. Boxer braids are quick and easy and they don’t require any heating tools. Boxer braids will give your locks vocation from irons and other styling tools. You can rock them at gym or any other place. Apart from this, boxer braids may provide excellent waves. Just leave them overnight and untie in the morning and your carefree mermaid waves are ready to rock.Breathtaking Boxer Braids for 2017Blonde Boxer Braids

Boxer braids may provide with the most elegant and classic look despite of the name. It is important to pair your boxer braid with a right outfit. However you can still wear them both casually and formally. This style has been particularly popular among Kardashian sisters, now many celebrities can be spotted with boxer braids. The braids look ridiculously amazing on blonde hair but it doesn’t mean dark-haired ladies can’t pull them off.Blonde Boxer BraidsBoxer Braids with Cornrows

This is a little bit complicated version of boxer braids since the design features cornrow braids that give a modern touch to the style. Well, you will need to have some skills to create cornrows. The overall design looks pretty complicated and interesting. However the look of your braid is based on your hair length. Longer strands will provide a better look.Boxer Braids with CornrowsLuxury Boxer Braids

Like any other hairstyle boxer brads are also pretty versatile. Every simple element may enhance the entire appearance of your braids. If you are good at braiding you can pair several types of braids to achieve a unique braided style. This chic headdress can be worn literally everywhere. Just make sure that the braids are pretty close to each other.Luxury Boxer BraidsSimple Boxer Braids

These boxer braids are pretty simple and sleek. Moreover you can still pair them with any outfit. Note that these boxer braids are not completely braided. Some hair sections have been used to twist around hair elastic in order to cover it. The type of the braid is based on your skills- you can opt for French or Dutch brides.Simple Boxer BraidsMedium Boxer Braids

Whether you believe or not but boxer braids look good on medium length hair too. This hair length also can provide an elegant and head-turner look. However consider giving your strands a good dye job in order to enhance the entire appearance of your boxer braids. You can create your boxer braids either tight or loose.Medium Boxer Braids



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