Top 5 Hair Colors You Need To See Before Your Next Appointment

Modern hair colors are quite versatile and you do really have something to choose from. The most sophisticated hair designs are achieved with  contemporary techniques such as balayage. If your hair is in the hands of a skillful colorist then you may end up with a hilarious and expensive hair color that is not seen on everyone. So, before going for a new hair color make sure that you have a right hair colorist. When it comes to inspiration, we will provide you a right dose of inspo. Go on reading and explore top 5 hair colors that we have compiled for you. Copper Hair Color 

The greatest way to go red is to wear a burnt orangy copper hair color. It is going to be the most favorite shade of redheads. The brunt orange and copper look pretty interesting when paired together. If you are a blonde or brunette you can achieve the look in a subtle way with highlights and lowlights. The best thing about the look is that it is low-maintenance and will definitely make your haircut stand out. Copper Hair Color Chocolate Mauve Hair Color 

Chocolate mauve is not a new trend but it is still our favorite shade. It is a great option for brunettes that want to rock a feminine pastel shade but not ready for a big commitment. To achieve this tone you will need to ask your hair colorist for highlights. Now you have a chance to pull off a mind-blowing pastel shade like this. If you are a brunette don’t think twice to recreate this hairdo. Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Buttery Blonde Hair Color 

Buttery blonde is a fabulous tone to freshen up your already blonde hair color. It is a bright shade that requires right complexion. Make sure that you have appropriate eyes and skin tone. Indeed, it is a complicated shade for brunettes. Only after long processes it will be possible to have a light shade such as buttery blonde. Midnight Blue Hair Color 

Jewel tones are not only for nails and clothes, they are also for your precious locks. Jewel tones will accessorize your strands providing with a sassy hair look. This midnight blue is just one of the tones that is highly popular in 2018. Show this look to your hair colorist and ask for the same style. Dark black and blue tones provide with a look that is lower maintenance than bright shades. midnight blue hair color Wine Red Hair Color 

Redheads may try this deep wine hair color as well. It is a dark shade of red that can be easily achieved. If you have very dark brown locks then this idea may be the greatest fit for you. 




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