Mahogany Hair Colors for 2018

Mahogany hair colors have gone viral on popular hair salons and social media. Mahogany shade is achieved by mixing the red and purple tones. The result of this combination happens to be a rich hair color that doesn’t require lots of maintenance. Mahogany is flattering both for cool and warm complexions, but if you are not sure about it, talk to your hair colorist. Here are incredible mahogany hair colors for 2018, get the best inspiration for yourself. mahogany hair colorWine Red Hair Color 

This style is rising in popularity. It features red and purple tones that are seamlessly blended into each other. This flawless hair color is flattering for different skin tones including white, medium and dark skin tones. It is a great hair color as long as you feel comfortable in it. It is exceptionally good solution for brunettes and redhead. You just need to take the wheel  and copy the style. wine red hair colorMerlot Hair Color 

This Merlot is something to dye for. The vibrancy and brightness of this shade draw attention. It is a mixture of two tones that provide with a crazy coloristic solution. Due to brown base, the color looks more natural. It is enhanced with lovely curls and waves. However, the lighter locks still provide with your desired boldness. Make sure to get it for yourself to make a bold statement. Chocolate to Chestnut Brown Ombre 

This striking balayage requires transitioning from dark to light brown tones without going too crazy. To get this style you will need to start with a deep mahogany brown to chestnut brown. Indeed, these tones are great, but find the best reddish brown hue for yourself. Make sure to take into consideration to your skin tone and eye color. chocolate to chestnut brown hair color Dark Violet on Black Hair Color 

This look is for bold girls. A fresh bob spiced up with a purple, red and a hint of blue creates a unique hair look that can’t be seen on everyone. The key to this look is a modern bob and an amazing color blend. It is still on the darker side of the shade, consequently it is a great idea for those, who don’t want to go too bright. The best thing is that you may skip root touchup. Light Mahogany Layers 

This look is all about extreme as the unnatural and natural hues have been blended together for a unique look like this. The result is a natural-looking hair color. Everything about this look is in balance. The purple thrown throughout the tresses doesn’t create too much contrast. If you have always dreamed of a purple hair color, this is a great idea for you. purple mahogany



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