Long Hairstyles with Bangs

While thinking of changes, everyone had a moment “bang or not to bang”. It is a fact that bangs can completely transform your look. There are really various types of bangs so everyone can find her favorite style. If you are ready to take the plunge and try something different check these long hairstyles with bangs that we have selected for you. However, you will see some interesting hair color ideas as well. 

Beachy  Blond Long Hair with Bangs 

Beachy looking waves on blonde hair with light fringe create the most beautiful and elegant hair design. The model perfectly demonstrates the beauty of this relaxed look. The style emphasizes her perfect cheekbones and draws attention to her eyes. It is the best idea  to update the long hair and make it look more flattering. Consider pairing this color and haircut for a seamless combo. Smoked Out Balayage and Long bangs 

Balayage highlights work beautiful on long hair. These strands are given an interesting coloristic solution. The smoky silver and brown base make the best pair ever. The light slightly curved bangs are the most important part of the style. Now you can infuse some interest into the style without cutting your locks. Note that you need to bleach your hair for the best of look. Sun-Kissed Sandy Brown Long Hair 

Brunette hair has never been boring particularly when paired with highlights. A touch of sandy brown softens the entire look providing with a subtle look. Long haircuts with bangs that reach the bridge of the nose can be brushed just slightly out of the way. This hairstyle doesn’t require much care or maintenance. Give it a try and be in the center of attention.

Shaggy Bangs on Long Hair 

This length that is designed to grow out and look effortlessly, comes from a right haircut. The modern fringe features a face-framing variance in length. Let’s not forget that shaggy bangs are back in fashion so you should definitely get them for yourself. Shaggy bangs work for any hair length including long, medium and short. Long Feathery Curved Bangs 

There are bang-styles for different face shapes and textures. The following one is adorable whether your long hair  is up or down. The bangs are quite long so you can style them up whenever you don’t want to feel them on your eyes. A good hair color is bonus for this style. To get the exact copy of this hairdo make sure to show the picture to your hairstylist. 



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