2017 Pastel Hair Color Ideas

Recently the tendency of wearing pastel hair colors is increasing. These light shades are delicate and very girlish for any length of hair. You may choose the most attractive hue for you and change your entire appearance. The result will surely appeal to you. So, have a look at this collection of pastel hair colors for 2017 and make your choice right here.

Pastel Lavender Hair ColorPastel Lavender Hair ColorLavender is a nice shade of purple in a light tone. It’s an alluring hue to dye hair with and to look like a real doll. Tender women seeking for more attention may copy this hair color of celebrities who mostly choose it.

Pastel Mint Hair Colorpastel mint hair color 2017Pastel mint or the light green is rather cool hair color that draws attention. It is a new way of refreshing your hair and your appearance. As a light shade it goes with light complexions.

Pastel Pink Hair Colorpastel pink hair color 2017If pink then pastel for sure. If you want to look too feminine and ravishing then try pastel pink. It will create a candy-cotton effect for your hair especially if you style a high bun or a messy hairstyle.

Pastel Peach Hair Colorpastel peach hair color 2017Need more warmth? Go for the pastel peach. Compared with other shades this is more eye-catching due to its brightness and shine. It is sweet and has a sun-kissed touch in it that makes your locks very shiny.

Pastel Blue Hair Colorpastel blue hair color 2017Wear the hue of the heavens on your hair. Match the sky blue with your light complexion and capture many hearts. Perhaps pastel blue is the closest hair color to white blondes and light silver hair colors which have icy hues in them.

Pastel Ombre Hair Colorpastel ombre hair color 2017Ask your hair colorist create an incredible ombre effect on your hair with your two favorite shades of pastel. Any combination of pastel hair colors teds to bring out a subtle effect on long hair as well as on short haircuts. If you have light blonde hair color you may just dye the tips in one pastel hue and the trendy ombre style is ready for you.

Three-Tone Pastel Hair Colorthree tone pastel hair color 2017Perhaps, the flashiest pastel combination is the delightful there tone light coloring. You choose there different pastel hair colors and starting from the top and finishing with the ends achieve a three-tone effect. You an even from darkest to the lightest tones if you have dark hair. It will provide you with a unique and marvelous hairstyle.



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