Perm Hairstyles with Modern Twists

Perms have already made their great comeback. Perming techniques have changed over the years and the modern ones provide with better styles and cause no damage. Perms allow you to go for various hairstyles including down-dos and updos. Now, it is possible to get perms for bold hairdos as well. Perms look great on medium, long and short hair. Below I have selected the best perm hairstyles with modern twists. Go on reading and find the most incredible style and customize it to your own taste.Blonde Spiral Perms

Go big or go home! This can be referred to spiral perms as well. The following bouncy and tight curls have been achieved by spiral technique and they look totally amazing. But if you lighten up your hair before wearing the perms you are bound to spin heads with your beach-inspired look. Just prove that mermaids do really exist.Natural Looking Perms

Natural looking perms are adorable just like the ones you see below. The key to these flawless perms is narrow curling rods used during the perming process. After brushing out the curls you will end-up with natural looking perms. Take a wheel and give a try to this mind-blowing hairstyle option. However, it’s a great headdress for daily life.Mohawk Perms

If you have thought that perms are not for short-haired ladies, just have a look at the model below. She rocks permed Mohawk that looks quite bold. Short sides draw attention to the top. Shaved sides create a marvelous contrast against the tight curls on the crown part. If you have short hair, experiment with the style as soon as possible.Bushy Perms

Most people consider bushy hair “bed” but have a look at the model below. She looks like a fairy that escaped from our favorite book. To get these defined curls, you can use high-quality hair products. However, you may also blow-dry and brush it to create volume and bushy mane. You can’t go wrong with a sassy hairstyle like this.Relaxed Perms

Who said that perms need to be tight? If you haven’t tried the relaxed version of perms then it’s the right moment to do that. Unlike a normal perm, your waves will be prominent` when your locks are already dry. The best thing about perms is that you get them without the commitment. If you have always dreamed of being a curly-haired lady, now thanks to digital perms, you can get your desired look.



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