Hairstyles 2018

Marcel Wave Hairstyles for 2017

Retro waves, finger waves or the popular marcel waves are now the most fashionable wavy hairstyles. They are worn not only on long but also on short haircuts and tend to give you a festive look. These hairstyles are great for special occasions and will make you stand out from the crowd. So, have a look at this string of marcel wave hairstyles for 2017 and go for the one that meets your preferences.marcel waves  hairstyles 2017Long Marcel Waves

The delicacy of long marcel waves allures many hearts. This smooth and shiny hairstyle tends to bring out your fresh hair color with all its shades and looks very eye-catching. No matter you have super straight or long layered haircut, you can always opt for glamorous long marcel waves. They are beautiful in their subtle simplicity.

Awesome Center Part Hairstyle Ideas

The simple center part hairstyles are becoming quite requested. Women copy the middle part hairdos of celebrities who love to rock it on the red carpet, on special events and on casual days. Today we’ll discuss the best center part hairstyle ideas which are great both for medium and long haircuts. Let’s get stated!center part hairstyles 2017Long Center Part Wavy Hairstyle

Long layered hair is easy to style into a fashionable wavy hairstyle. If you have grown out bangs with it or your front layers look like long bangs you can get an amazing center part hairstyle. These bangs will frame your face beautifully and if you like you can curl them too.

2017 Popular Straight Hairstyles

Not everyone has naturally straight hair but those who have should definitely find the best haircuts and hair styling solutions for their locks. Straight hair usually looks sleek and a kind of dull if you leave it grow out the way it is. So, find out the best haircuts and hairstyles for your straight hair right here. I will represent the popular straight hairstyles for 2017.straight hairstyles 2017Straight Ombre Hairstyle

Many love the way ombre is reflected on straight hair. It seems to be created special for straight locks. If you have long straight hair then liven it up with a nice ombre hair color. If you have dark hair then go for a dark brown ombre and if you have light blonde hair then you may choose a stylish reverse ombre. In case you ae fond of more dramatic hair colors go for pastel or red ombre hair colors.

Date Night Braided Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

If you have already decided what to wear for the upcoming date night then it’s time to think of a matching hairstyle. You may like to have a romantic and very feminine look so in this case I will offer you some cute braided hairstyles for 2017. These are trendy braided hairdos among which you can pick the one that goes with your outfit and makeup. So, let’s get started.braided hairstyles for date nights 2017Elegant Braided Bun Hairstyle

The chicness of braided bun hairstyles attracts many hearts. It’s a simple hairstyle and you can achieve it by yourself. So, start with a medium ponytail. Then braid it and warp around the tie. Then secure with a bobby pin and wear a nice ribbon styling a bow. Try to choose a ribbon that brings out your hair color. As a finishing touch wear a natural-looking makeup to keep his eyes on you.

Trendy Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Milkmaid braid is acute hairstyle with so many names. It is known as a Dutch braid, halo or crown braid. As classy and elegant hairdo you can wear it for many special occasions. It is also a comfy hairstyle for rainy and humid days. You can make your choice between several types of milkmaid braids which are collected here. So, be inspired by this string of trendy milkmaid braid hairstyles for 2017.milkmaid braid hairstyles 2017Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle with Bangs

Milkmaid raids are beautiful both with and without bangs. If you combine them with bangs you’d better choose long straight or side swept bangs. They make the following hairstyle nicer and more girlish. It will make you look younger. This hairstyle is a great casual and festive hairdo at the same time.

Voluminous Hairstyles for Fine Hair 2017

Do you have a kind of struggle against the thinness of your locks? Don’t worry, because there are trendy voluminous hairstyles for fine hair to try in 2017. All you need is just choosing the options that most appeal to you. Always keep in mind that there are thousands of ways to add volume to your hair and rock the best ones for you. Now, let’s see which are the trendy voluminous hairstyles for fine hair.hairstyles for fine hair 2017Crimped Hairstyle

One of the most popular wavy hairstyles for 2017 is the crimped style. It gives you many hair styling ideas and tends to make any hair look more voluminous. So, this is great for fine locks. While choosing the size of crimps try to go for smaller sizes to get thin crimps. They will add more volume to your long hair.

2017 Trendy Winter Hairstyle Ideas

When we change our clothes and accessories with the season we should also think of new hairstyles. In this pot you are going to see trendy hairstyles for winter 2017. They are very beautiful and can be chosen as great casual hairstyles. If you want to learn new winter hairstyle ideas for winter then check out these lovely hairstyles.winter 2017 hairstylesShort Messy Hairstyle

Short hairstyles generally need additional styling in winter. If you usually wear your natural hair in summer then think of trendy messy hairstyles for winter. You can archive stunning messy hairdos by hair styling products, teasing and dry blowing. Each can find the most effective way of styling her locks into messy hairstyles. Short bob and pixie haircuts give you the chance to rock shaggy hairdos. In case you have fine hair you may go for layered haircuts to make your hair more voluminous. You may also try messy waves.

Coolest Bun Hairstyles for Short Hair 2017

While long-haired beauties enjoy any hairstyle they like short-haired ladies do their best to find out the most suitable updo hairstyles for their short locks. And who said updos are only for long hair? Today I will suggest you trendy bun hairstyles special for short hair. These are the easiest and the coolest short bun hairstyles for 2017. Have a look at them and find a great inspiration for your short hair.bun hairstyles for short hair 2017Low Sleek Bun Hairstyle

This elegant low bun hairstyle which is comfy and tight is easy to achieve on short bob haircuts. You can center part your hair, comb it genteelly and apply hair wax for a sleek look. Then create a low knot and secure it with investable bobby pins. You will have a classy and elegant hairstyle which is so attractive.

Retro Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair 2017

When it comes to retro hairstyles we offer you the best ideas which have modern touch in them and look incredibly beautiful, luxurious and stunning. This time we will represent the most ravishing long retro hairstyles for 2017. Check them out and try as many options as possible on your long hair.retro hairstyles for 2017Retro Finger Waves

Pure retro hairstyles inspired by the 40’s fashion are finger waves. They are so soft and subtle on long hair and though many wear them on short haircuts too but the most astounding effect is felt on long locks. Many celebrities today choose this hairstyle.

2017 Natural Hairstyles for Afro-American Women

It’s not a secret that the majority of Afro-American women have frizzy and curly locks but it’s not always necessary to straighten them to look nice, actually you damage your hair by straightening too often. Instead you can find out trendy natural Afro-American hairstyles to try in 2017. There are lots of things to do with your natural hair to be prettier and to be in the center of attention. So, let’s discover these hairstyles together. natural hairstyles 2016Medium Natural Hairstyle

Go for a medium cut to refresh your curly locks. This hairstyle is he most convenient one which gives you many hair styling opportunities. You can achieve many hairstyles on medium length locks starting from loose to tight updos.