Yarn Braids Hairstyles for Everyone in 2018

Yarn braids are widely popular among black women, but that doesn’t mean women of other ethnicities don’t dress up the style. If you are looking for a new way to style your strands, colorful yarn braids are the answer of your questions. In case, if you never thought of wearing yarn braids, from now on you should involve them into your “must try” list. Colors of the braids will make your day while providing you with pleasant emotions. If you don’t know how to pull off these braids, check out the following yarn braids hairstyles for 2018.yarn braids hairstylesYarn Braided Crown and Beads

Once you get yarn braids, personalize them to your own taste and personality. Make sure that you are comfortable with the style. The following headdress features a crown braid that frames the face in a unique way. Beads applied to the style add a playful touch to the look. You have a chance to choose the shade of your yarn braids as well. Keep things subtle with a solid shade or go bold with deep burgundy hues.Yarn Braided Crown and BeadsTop Knot with Yarn Braids

Next popular way of experimenting with yarn braids is pulling them up in a top knot-like design. But this particular hairstyle doesn’t require crating a full top knot, it is a half up half down style, that allows us to see the beauty of the rest of stands. You can easily show off the beauty of yarn braids while keeping them out of your face. And half knot is the way to go with.Top Knot with Yarn BraidsColorful Yarn Braids

With yarn braids, you may make your dream of wearing rainbow hair color come true. Get the colors by wearing extensions. When it comes to damaging your strands, colorful extensions are totally harmless, so you don’t have to worry about it. These colorful braids may last several days; therefore, you are free from daily stylings. Just show this picture to your hairstylist and ask for the same extensions.Colorful Yarn BraidsGrey Yarn Braids Bob

Let’s not forget that grey is still the most desirable tone, so you may choose yarn extensions that have a grey shade. Yarn braids work on any hair length and they look strikingly beautiful when shaped in a bob style. These layered dreads are great for anyone who is looking for a low-maintenance style. It is also a fantastic way to make a fashion statement.  Grey Yarn Braids BobYarn Dreads Extensions

When going for dreads, you still need to be super careful. Choose right extensions not to damage your strands. We recommend doing your choice with your hairstylist. However, acrylic yarn braids are totally safe. For a great style, go for medium to long dreads but don’t forget that you can play up with colors as well.Yarn Dreads Extensions



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