Cute and Effortless Short Hairstyles for Teen Girls

When you are a teen you want to try literally everything from bold to subtle. And it is normal, as everyone at this age wants to know what suits him/her more. In fact, there are really many interesting and fun hairstyles for all teen ladies out there. If you are bored of your current hair look, simply go through our article and see the cutest and most effortless short hairstyles for teen girls. While choosing these styles we have kept in our mind that they should be simple yet ultra-feminine.The Side Shaved Look

A side shaved style is what you need to highlight your boldness and youthfulness. If you are ready to shock the world and go for a style that’s truly unique, the side shaved look is what you need to consider. The hairstyle requires an absolutely shaved side with the hair left on the both sides as well as the back. We recommend leaving the hair on top quite long so that you will have more styling options.Cute Pixie Bob

This hairstyle is the opposite of previous one. It tends to bring out one’s femininity and subtleness. The style allows you to get a mix of both pixie and bob hairstyles and the result is absolutely amazing. As you can see the headdress is full of volume that gives the entire hairstyle a bouncy look. Regular trims will definitely help you keep things in shape.Short Messy Curls With Front Bangs

If you have natural curls or waves, this is the absolute perfect hairstyle for you. Even if you have straight hair, you can still get the look with some hair products. However, the styles features long bangs that fall down the forehead creating a bit contrast with the rest of hair. The entire look provides with a beachy look that’s simply irresistible.Short Messy Curls With Front BangsShoulder Length Hair

This hairstyle is longer than the rest and it’s for ladies that are not ready to go for a dramatic short crop. For this particular haircut you can keep your hair wavy or straight. The advantage of it is that it’s very simple and everyday look that requires minimal styling skills. Regardless of whether you are a teen girl or not,, just don’t miss your chance to wear an effortless hairstyle like this.Very Short Hair with Side Part

If you love changes, then it’s just the right moment to play up with your hair length. Chop off your hair and draw a simple side part. Note that the hair on the side that you are going to part, should be shorter than the other side. You can also add some bangs to take the look a notch higher. Keep up with the latest fashion trends, by wearing a gorgeous short crop like this.



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